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Lynn Wind, RMT, LMT

2011 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Inductee


     With over 40 years of practicing and teaching as a massage therapy professional, I have a passion for teaching and encouraging the student of massage to reach their full potential personally and professionally. 


     After completing my training to become a massage therapist in Canada in 1978, I could see the potential for students to discover who they were and how they could become the best massage therapists possible.  Eager to help others build their skills in massage therapy I began as a teacher at The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy (CCMH).  After nine years as the Clinical Director and a classroom instructor (1979 - 1988), an opportunity presented itself to become the owner, with my late husband Peter, of The Hawaiian Islands School of Massage (HISM).   We sold everything and moved from Toronto to Kailua-Kona Hawaii.  It was a challenge I could not pass up.

     While serving as Clinical Director at CCMH I developed the Lynn Wind Method of Intergrated Medical Massage Therapy, a unique assessment and treatment program incorporating specialized soft-tissue techniques, joint and myofascial mobilizations and rehabilitative exercises.


     Once we took over ownership of HISM in 1988 I was able to further expand and develop The Lynn Wind Method and position it as the foundation for world class training at our school.


     Owning the school was an extraordinary adventure.  We graduated hundreds of students who are now successfully practicing in many countries all over the world. 


      Now I am taking my years of expertise on the road, embracing a 'school without walls', offering consulting services, workshops and spa treatment and training programs.



Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy, Ontario, Canada, 1978 – 1988  (1200 hours)


Physiatrics - 1982
Aromatherapy - 1982
Atraumatic Corrective Technique - 1982
Sports Medicine Muscular Massage - 1985
Hand and Foot Reflexology - 1985
Neuromuscular Integration & Structural Alignment - 1988
Society of Orthobionomy International - 1988
URSA Foundation Myofascial Release - 1990
Mobilization & Relaxation Technique - 1990
Orthopedic Medicine - 1990
St John Neuromuscular Therapy - 1991
Neuro Associative Conditioning Systems - 1991
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Certified Hypnotherapist - 1992
Cranial Sacral Therapy Upledger Institute- 1993

Zero Balancing - 1993
Touch for Health - 1994
Cranial Fluid Dynamics - 1994
Integrity of the Vessel - 1994
URSA Foundation Thoracic Cage - 1995
Connective Tissue System with Myfascial Release Technique - 1995

Myofascial Unwinding - Barnes - 1995
Myofascial/Osseous Technique for Lumbar Region - Barnes - 1996
Manual Lymphatic Drainage - 1996
Strain/Counter Strain for Upper Quadrant - 1996
Visceral Manipulation - 1996
Pranic Healing - 1996
The Kur SPA Course at Karlovy Vary - 1997
International Training Institute & Studies in Interdisciplinary Spa Programs
Anatomy of the Cervical Spine - Manoa University - 1998
Myopractic Institute- Upper Body Techniques - 1998
Connective Tissue & Myofascial Therapy, Body Reading & Integrative Exercises - 1998
The Core Energy Alignment Training - 2004
Lymphatic Drainage I & II - 2004
Aunty Margaret Machado's Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage - Basic and Advanced - 2005
Onsen - Orthopedic Massage - 2006
John A Burns School of Medicine - Upper Extremity Dissection Workshop - 2007
Insurance and Billing - 2007
Energy Medicine I, II, III & IV - 2006 - 2008
Medical Massage Therapy - Torso - 2008
Theta Healing DNA2 Basic Course - 2009


Volunteer Massage Team Coordinator The Ford Ironman World Championship Triathlon  - 1990 - 2009

The Sports Massage Training Institute presents HISM with “Art of Caring Award” for volunteer massage service - 2004

With Thomas and Elizabeth Nani of Earthlight Massage Company, HISM serves as Massage Team Coordinator for the inaugural Ironman Race in Haikou, China. 

Lynn and Peter Wind were nominated for induction into the World Massage Festival Hall of Fame - 2011