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What is The Lynn Wind Method of Integrated Medical Massage?


     The Lynn Wind Method is applied manual Massage Therapy based upon soft tissue and joint assessment, and palpation findings.  


     Over three decades of research and teaching experience has led to the creation of this method, derived drawn from European and North American rehabilitation techniques. These manual techniques are a compilation of soft tissue massage, myofascial release, and passive and active stretching.  

     Along with specific medical massage treatment the art of the work is harmonized and balanced to benefit the client's health.  Massage therapists trained inThe Lynn Wind Method tune in and listen to the client’s tissues while working with nature’s rhythms, utilizing a 'tool box' of therapeutic treatment techniques customized to each client's unique condition.


How can I learn The Lynn Wind Method? 

     Instruction in The Lynn Wind Method is offered via the following options:


Spa Training and Signature Treatment Design

 Lynn Wind Method


     Offering services in design and development of signature treatments and menu services, and training staff to deliver standardized techniques and routines. 


Spa Training...


Continuing Education Massage Workshops


Lynn Wind Method

     Specializing in Advanced Massage training in NCBTMB approved workshops including Medical Massage, Joint Mobilization, Lymphatic Drainage, etc.


Massage Workshops...




School Curriculum Development & Teacher Training

Lynn Wind Method

     With over 30 years of experience offering consulting services for Massage Schools interested in enhancing curriculum and building teacher skills, with a focus on Medical Massage Training.


Massage Curriculum...